Why You Need
a Food Vacation
(Fasting Strategies) to:
Why You Need
a Food Vacation
(Fasting Strategies) to:
  • Reset your metabolism and burn "old fat"
  • ​Reverse genetic triggered disease
  • ​Restore gut health (microbiome)
  • ​Optimize hormone health
  • ​Reverse aging

**If you are not able to watch this webinar live, everyone registered will receive the replay 24 hours after the webinar ends.**

Thursday, October 24

9:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM PST

Dr. Dan Pompa

Fasting Expert

Ashley Smith

On This WEB CLASS You Will Discover:
  • Why we are designed to fast. It’s in our dna
  • The consequences of not fasting to reset your cells
  • Why its the ultimate metabolic reset
  • How fasting will reset your genetics and turn off bad (disease) genes
  • How fasting reestablishes your gut flora and reverses a “bad gut” 
  • Why fasting strategies optimize all your hormones even sex hormones
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